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Imagine Harry and Ginny a few months into their marriage and they’re so happy and in love and then one day they go shopping for food and household items and Harry just casually grabs certain items before Ginny hisses at him to "Check the prices, Harry, God! That bed set is far too expensive, we’re not going to have anything left to get the food with!" And Harry starts to laugh and say "We don’t have to worry about -" and then he stops and he and Ginny look at each other. And Harry realizes that she’s grown up having to measure out all her money and decide what she can and cannot have for a certain week or month or year. And Ginny realizes that she is actually no longer obligated to worry about money ever again. 

Imagine Harry and Ginny eating dinner together and Ginny’s telling him about certain meals her mum made and teasing him about how he wolfs everything down and "Honestly Harry, you’re worse than Ron!" and Harry retorts laughingly "well old habits die hard, I had to fight Dudley for meals all the time, you at least knew you were going to eat every day!" And Ginny’s grin starts to fade and she asks "You…you didn’t get to eat everyday?" And Harry realizes what he said and he changes the subject quickly and Ginny looks at the plates in front of him and resists the urge to pile on some more potatoes. And the next day Vernon Dursley’s car is egged. 

Imagine Harry and Ginny both suffering from night terrors and PTSD and agreeing that maybe going to that therapist Hermione recommended isn’t such a bad idea, and that’s how Thursday night became Therapy Night when they go out to dinner or to the pub after each session and agree that  they need to talk to some Healers about introducing these sessions since therapy is still widely seen as muggle nonsense in the wizarding world.

And Ginny murmurs over her fire whiskey that sometimes she can still hear Tom Riddle murmuring in her ear, and Harry whispers that he dreams about running after his mother and father and Sirius and Remus as they disappear behind the Veil in the Department of Mysteries and he doesn’t know if he wakes from terror or regret about not making it through. And they go back home and hold each other closer that night and both wake up with raging hangovers. 

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What’s this about sketches



this should probably be something that’s said, since I saw a post earlier this week about how “as an artist, you should never put down your own work with this list of negative buzz words:” and on that list was included the term “SKETCH”

Often people yell at me when I call my sketches… well, sketches, and I really think there’s something the younger artist generation on the internet doesn’t understand and probably needs to:

often, a sketch is the most difficult part of the piece. 

A sketch can be exceedingly time consuming and taxing (i’ve been stuck on one idea all weekend, doing multiple sketches and poking at sketches of the same idea that were only “kind of” working)

the sketching process involves:

  • getting your idea out (sometimes working from other people’s work, which can either increase the difficulty or lessen it, depending)
  • getting the perspective right
  • getting the design in place
  • exploring the best possible way to go about your idea
  • scale, size, planning, and a LOT of thought. Sketching is the most extensive thinking stage usually (unless lighting/color are heavy in play later)
  • if it’s an illustration, how do you fit your entire story into one piece
  • if it’s production art, how you best understand what’s needed of you
  • if it’s anything related to storytelling, boarding or comics, this will include your panel layouts, your acting, your page flow, your critical elements compositions, and making sure you’re conveying your story right
  • not to mention the very process of sketching for story involves understanding camera language, so even if you can sketch it “quickly”, how much time went into learning that?

So whoa whoa whoa guys, if the actual word “sketch” is suddenly being misconstrued and equated to “a quick doodle”, “effortless trash”,  or a”negative buzzword” then you are really, really downplaying the thinking process that goes into art and design.  The word you’re looking for more accurately is “doodle”, sketching is a very real and serious part of the process. The “impressive” parts of a piece (rendering, color, line work) require thought too (and certainly how-to knowledge), but soon fall into the category of “yay, now I can relax while I do this part. Time to put on netflix in the bg”.  The part you find so impressive is usually one of the most relaxing parts of the process (for many artists, at least. There are of course different strokes, different folks, you know the saying)

It’s not a put down, an insult or a “quick easy thing”. Sometimes they are quick, but they’re almost always involved with more intense planning and deeper thought, sometimes research is involved, or reading, studying, or several several trials of the same idea. So sometimes they aren’t quick at all.

A sketch is an integral part of the process, and it can be hard as heck.

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this whole “SKETCH IS A NASTY WORD AND A PUT DOWN” thing is really a bother.

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digital work in progress. probably not posting the finished thing so enjoy this :D


The Amazing Sculptures and Installations of Crystal Wagner

Crystal Wagner’s installations are a combination of printmaking, cut paper, and cheap, dollar store objects. Her work has a very organic feel to it, as if we are about to walk through a luscious forest or happen upon a moss patch. This isn’t surprising, as Wagner has spent a lot of time immersed in nature, spending extended periods  in Yellowstone National Park and Joshua Tree National Park. The large, site specific works convey the awe-inspiring beauty we experience in places like  Old Faithful. Txt Via


Currently you can find her artwork published on the cover of Dura Lar, Matte .005 Drawing Pads available through Dick Blick Art Supplies internationally and multiple features on her work throughout the interenet, including but not limited to Hi Fructose, Arrestedmotion.com, ArtAttacks Online, Art & Science Journal, Inspir3d.com, Complex Art & Design Magazine, Crome Yellow Magazine, Catapult Art Magazine, My Modern Met , Beautiful Decay Magazine and Dzinetripmagazine.com, many more. This year she was the recipient of an Awesome Without Borders, Awesome Foundation Art Grant and most recently she was the Scultpure and Installation Category Award Winner of the SEE.ME, Art Takes Paris, international art competition. Upcoming she will be a distingushed guest speaker to accompany a international curated exhibition, “Somewhere Between Creation and Destruction” at the Joseloff Gallery as a part of the Hartford School of Arts Distinguished Artist Symposium which focuses on the top contemporary artists in the world using paper as thier medium.

Crystal Wagner actively visits colleges as a visiting artist. Upcoming in 2014/2015 you can find her at the University of Iowa, University of South Carolina, University of Hawaii, Southeastern Missouri State University, and Syracuse University.

Any inquiries in works available or commissions can be sent to hashimotocontemporary@gmail.com.