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playing around with colors! couldnt decide what to post of this (there are more, and wips too, but i think this is quite lots of stuff already xD)

whatever, thanks for watching and have a mystierious day!

look who actually did paint today instead of just daydreaming^^ kindof boring colors, but i like the motif^^

a stamp. for backgrounds. i made it in just 5 hours. wow. amazing. now id like to sleep.



Found the highest horse I could find before typing this.

Whats crazy about facebook, and all of the exposure online in general, is that you’re almost not allowed to grow in a sense anymore. At least not without being scrutinized to some extent by peers. When you were coming up before the internet…

drawing girls… like, i know, it is really kitsch but i was in the mood :D

you know the sketches from my last post? i tried making something out of it. on top the original colors, then extremly colors i added digital.